Hawaiian Madonna & Child by Delos Blackmar, 1940 Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church on the Island of Maui

Art at Holy Innocents

Hawaiian Madonna and Child Hawaiian Madonna and Child
Painting by Delos Blackmar
Breadfruit, Fish and Taro Breadfruit, Fish and Taro
Painting by Delos Blackmar
Life of Jesus BaptIsm, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus
Triptych in memory of Henry Dickenson, Sr.


Created in 1940 by New York artist Delos Blackmar in gratitude for the Church's hospitality, the paintings depict important elements of Hawaiian life:

Hawaiian Madonna and Child – above the altar. A Lahaina mother and her infant daughter posed for the artist. The red ginger symbolizes royalty.

Breadfruit, fish and taro – panels on the altar portray the Hawaiian staffs of life and symbolize the body and blood of Christ.

Panels on the pulpit depict rare or extinct native birds, left to right: ‘apapane, ‘ou‘ou, ‘i‘iwi, mamo, and ‘o‘o. They symbolize God's word winging forth from the Christian pulpit.

Painting framing the Church entrance features a hala tree and ti plants, both useful and sacred to the Hawaiians. A Hawaiian rainbow arches over them, symbolizing God’s blessings.

Stained glass windows:

Behind the altar – a memorial to early parishioner and community leader Henry Dickenson, Sr. The windows are all that remain from the former church across Front Street. The triptych portrays the baptism, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Behind the side altar – dedicated to the memory of long-time parishioner Marion Wright and designed and created by Kula artist Rik Fitch in 1999 Fitch incorporated Marion’s favorite flower, the plumeria, into the design. The window was funded by the Marion Wright Memorial Fund.


Choir pews and kneelers - kamani wood.
Altar, pulpit and altar rail - koa wood.